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Blen Up’s mission is to give you a taste of the Isle of Spice “ Grenada “ which is known for it’s rich spices growing abundantly on the island along with all the other Caribbean islands sourcing pure ingredients from our very own private farm in the mountains of Grenada , traditionally crafted in small batches to support a balance in our plants & animal’s ecosystems . Green seasoning & Jerk seasoning can be added to any dish of your choice to add a healthy herbaceous flavor , no salt just fresh seasonings enticing your taste buds & putting you right back on island mode ,

Crafted with care & love always

Multimedia collage

  • Plant Prominence

    Grenada’s 3 traditional export crops are Cocoa , nutmeg & bananas. Historically, these have been grown not on large estates, but by small farmers with properties of a few acres.

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