Get to know the chef behind the seasonings !

Blen Up Seasoning Co was created by Chef Orlando Sanderson Jr. , 23 , in the year 2021 in the bronx ( NYC) .  What started out with only a small red top grill & cooking for family & friends at home , mixing & blending spices  was his dream come true while being able to keep every blend ORGANIC  with no preservatives nor additives , truly wanting everyone to get the real genuine flavors of the Caribbean not jus because someone claims to be .  Which only lead to his roots teaching him more on what was passed down to him as a child growing up around his GrandFather Sisnet Mignon Sanderson Sr & GrandMother Thelma Sanderson in Grenada , West Indies .  It was here my elders including my dad Orlando SR had to make sure their grandson would learn all the techniques when it comes to Caribbean Cuisine pertaining to baking , Green seasoning which is a long held tradition from Trinidad to Grenada which requires a specific type of herbs ( Chado Beni , pimento peppers ) , that usually only grow in the southeastern part of the Caribbean on islands like Grenada , St Lucia , Dominica etc . As a self proprietor Orlando continues to grow along with his  seasoning company into abundance to help others locally & globally , whether it may be from sharing seasonings or recipes or simply sharing love with others daily , here at Blen Up Seasonings CO that is my daily mission & goal to help others help others & let that cycle repeat on & on again ! 

Orlando Jr. vowed to keep his grandparents traditional cooking & sauces alive .